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Food Allergies and Dental Care

Food Allergies and Dental Care

Fifteen million Americans suffer from food allergies and that number is on the rise.  People with food allergies are accustomed to using caution while eating and drinking. For them, checking labels and asking questions at restaurants is a necessary and potentially life-saving habit. That’s because those with allergies are aware what can happen if they miss an ingredient that will trigger a reaction. Unfortunately, while they may be cautious in terms of what they eat, many food allergy sufferers may not think dental products contain allergens. Dental products found at home and at one’s dentist, can affect one’s food allergies. Before going to the dentist or switching dental care products, or even chewing a new brand of gum, one should better understand what dental products they may have a sensitivity to and why.

Food Allergies

A food allergy is a potentially life-threatening immune response to a food-based allergen. While the allergic response can be lethal, symptoms are unpredictable and can range from mild to moderate and may include itching, rashes, severe anaphylactic shock, and loss of consciousness. The only way to avoid these allergic responses is to avoid the food, as there is no cure. This is why allergic reactions to dental products can take people by surprise.

Food Allergens and Dental Products

Certain dental products contain food ingredients that can potentially trigger allergic reactions. These ingredients include some of the most common food allergens such as peanuts, pine nuts, egg protein, and milk or milk protein. Other ingredients found in dental products that commonly cause reactions include Recaldent, a substance that strengthens teeth. Other products to be cautious of include fluoride, toothpaste, polishing paste, dental cements, and gum. Not all of these products contain these ingredients; therefore, people should read ingredients of different brands and talk with their dentist about their food allergies and any products that may contain ingredients of concern.

Dental Care Providers

Dentists and providers of oral care should also do their part in ensuring their patients are safe. Ideally, they should take precautionary measures as a part of the patient experience. This means asking patients if they have any food allergies and including the information as a part of their patient record. Dentists should also inquire if patients with allergies carry an Epi-Pen in the event of a reaction. Oral care providers should be aware of which ingredients are in the products that they regularly use and the products that they recommend.

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