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Health and Fitness Guide for Students

How much time do you spend playing video games? Do you like to chat with friends on social media often? These activities can be fun, but it’s also important to get up, get moving, and take care of your body if you want to stay healthy. When you don’t take care of your health, you end up getting sick more often and feeling more tired, which isn’t any fun. But all it takes to keep this from happening is to begin making healthier choices about what you eat and what you do at school and outside of the classroom. With a little effort, you’ll feel better and even live longer.

General Health

  • What Sleep Is and Why Kids Need it: You might want to stay up all night, but sleep is really important for your health.
  • Under the Microscope: Acne: Puberty brings acne for many, and you can learn about what’s going on and what you can do about it here.
  • Inside a Girl’s Body: Learn about how the systems of a girl’s body work and how you can take care of your body and keep it healthy
  • My Family Health Tree: Some health problems can be inherited from your parents. Take a look at the health issues in your family to consider your risks.
  • Food and Fun With Diabetes: If you have childhood diabetes, you are not alone. All kids need to take care of themselves, but for you, it is critical that you manage your condition well. Find out how you can have fun with others while keeping your diabetes in check with these tips.
  • Learn to Be Healthy: If you like games, check out these activities and tools that you can use so you can be an able-bodied tween or teen.


Physical Activity

  • Fitness Challenge: How fast can you do all of these exercises?
  • Have Fun and Stay Fit: Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Liven it up with these tips.
  • Indoor Winter Exercises: Discover the many different activities you can do while inside your home to promote a healthy body and active lifestyle.
  • We Can! Screen Time Chart (PDF): Fill out the chart to see how much time you and the rest of your family spend in front of a screen.
  • Get Active Each Day: Learn how much physical activity you should do each day and what the difference is between moderate and vigorous activities.

Dental Health

Staying Healthy at School

  • Five-Finger Alert: Play this game to learn about how you can prevent the flu.
  • Staying Healthy in School: This page is kid-friendly and provides tips for you and your parents to help you stay in good health while at school.
  • Hygiene and the Middle School Student: Here, you can read about three critical issues kids your age deal with and what you can do to practice good health habits as your body changes.


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