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Were you aware that gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults? While many people understand the importance of keeping their teeth healthy, they often forget about keeping their gums healthy.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that almost 50% of Americans over the age of 30 have gum disease. Periodontal disease generally starts off as gingivitis. You may have gingivitis if you are experiencing symptoms such as red, swollen or bleeding gums. Gingivitis is easily treated. If left untreated, it will eventually develop into advanced periodontal disease. Advanced gum disease leads to the gum tissue pulling away from the teeth, as well as the breakdown of the ligaments and bones that keep your teeth in place. When this occurs, your teeth will become loose and may even fall out.

If you suspect that you have gum disease, you should see a gum disease specialist. Periodontists are experts in gum disease management, dental implant placement and cosmetic procedures such as lip repositioning and gum contouring. A periodontist has completed dental school and then went on to spend an additional two to three years studying gum disease and other issues related to the gum tissue.

In order to book a consultation with one of our skilled periodontists, you should call our office at (810) 515-8952. We look forward to helping you achieve a happy and healthy smile.

What Do Periodontists Do?

A periodontist is a gum disease expert who is able to both diagnose and treat any condition that revolves around the soft gum tissue that surrounds your teeth. The word periodontics is a combination of two Greek works: “perio” meaning “around,” and “dontic” meaning “tooth.”

Here are some of the periodontal services you can expect a gum disease specialist to provide:

Periodontal Disease Treatment

The bacteria that is carried within plaque is the primary cause of gum disease. Plaque is the sticky substance that collects on the surface of the teeth whenever you eat or drink. If you don’t brush and floss on a regular basis, the bacteria will continue to grow and will begin attacking the tooth’s enamel. This allows cavities to form. It also leads to periodontal disease. Advanced cases of periodontal disease involve the ligaments that hold your teeth in place breaking down, as well as a breakdown of the jawbone.

Dental Implant Placement

In cases where the teeth need to be replaced, a gum disease expert may recommend the use of dental implants. Dental implants are natural-looking replacements for the teeth that are placed within the jawbone and mimic the tooth’s roots. They offer a long-lasting foundation for crowns, bridges or dentures. Dental implants also serve the purpose of preserving your facial structure, keeping your teeth from moving and lessening wrinkling around the mouth.

Crown Lengthening

Periodontists can also perform a type of surgery to lengthen the crown of your tooth. The crown is the portion of the tooth that is above the gum line. During the lengthening procedure, the amount of gum around the tooth is reduced in order to show more of the crown. This is done to ensure that crowns fit properly or so that dentures or brackets for braces can be placed. This surgery can also be done for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic reasons behind the procedure include evening out the gum line and getting rid of excess gum tissue surrounding the tooth.

Gummy Smile Surgery

Are you unhappy with the amount of gum tissue present around your teeth because you believe that it makes your teeth look shorter than they are supposed to be? If so, you may be interested in receiving gum contouring surgery. This surgery involves the gum tissue being shaped so that your gum line is even and your teeth are smile ready.

Soft Tissue Graft/Gum Graft

Receding gums and exposed tooth roots are signs of advanced gum disease. If you are experiencing these symptoms, a periodontist in Flint can perform a gum grafting surgery. This procedure involves the gum tissue being taken from one area of the mouth and grafted onto the impacted area.

Oral Pathology and Oral Cancer Diagnosis

The rate of oral cancer has increased at a rapid rate in recent times. Most cases are linked to either HPV infection or smoking. Our periodontics office can take samples of your gum tissue and send them off to a lab in order to diagnose oral cancer. We can also provide you with treatment options should you have cancer.

In addition to the above services, our periodontists are also experienced in various forms of sedation, including laughing gas (nitrous oxide). Utilizing sedation throughout your treatment will ensure that you remain comfortable at all times.

Pick Up the Phone to Book a Consultation with a Periodontist in Flint

Keeping your gums happy and healthy will ensure that your smile remains both beautiful looking and functional. If you’re worried about any issues with your gums, get in touch with one of our periodontists at Family Dental Group by calling (810) 515-8952. We look forward to showing you firsthand why we’re a leading provider of periodontics in Flint.

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Traditional Michigan (MI) Medicaid plans not accepted:

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